Unsere neue Aero-Reihe für 2019 basiert auf unserer äußerst erfolgreichen Fast and Light-Reihe. Unser Aero 35 ist jedoch ein...
    Es hat noch nie Spaß gemacht, bergab zu fahren. Jetzt können Sie mit Scheibenbremsen gewaltige alpine Abfahrten sicher zum...
      What hub does the 650B gravel wheelset G25 use? The 650b gravel wheelset is equipped with ICAN Cycling's...
        Specification  Rims   46C   Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700  Size  700C Rim  Finish: UD Matt Drills: 24/24 Holes Outer...
          Specification  Rims   35C   Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700  Size  700C Rim  Finish: UD Matt Drills: 24/24 Holes Outer Width: 29mm...

          Gravel riding is awesome. Going on adventures is always awesome. Even when it is all going wrong, you will look back, and you will realize that it was an awesome time. At ICAN we love gravel and adventure riding so for 2021 we are bringing you the best new carbon fiber gravel wheelsets that money can buy.

          Talking of money, like all ICAN products, we have made sure affordability is a crucial property for our new gravel wheels. We used our in-depth knowledge of carbon fiber layup to make sure we maximize quality. That is why we offer you a two-year guarantee on all our wheels and manufacturing processes.

          While also missing out all the middlemen and a fancy marketing department we can pass huge savings on to yourself. Our wheels roll directly to you from our factory floor or one of our worldwide warehouses.

          Our gravel bike wheels are constructed using the excellent Toray T700 carbon fiber cloth. It allows a great layup when being used in wheel construction. It enables us to build you a wheel that is light, stiff, and strong. Are there any other requirements you could need for a wheelset?

          Our gravel rims also come with a wider profile, an internal width of 21.5mm. So you can fit wider tires and have comfort and traction all day. It also allows our wheels to be stable and keep you from tumbling during more adventurous off-road riding.

          What is the difference between Alpha Disc and Aero Disc

          • Weight

          Aero disc is lighter than Alpha disc,Aero disc use our superlight carbon rim. Alpha disc use our Fast and Light normal carbon rim.

          • Spokes

          Aero disc integrate Sapim CX-Ray Spokes,Alpha disc integrate Pillar 1423 Spokes.

          • Hub

          Alpha Disc with ICAN D21 Hub, Aero disc with ICAN D01 Hub.