ICAN's All Carbon Solutions Program

At ICAN, we are passionate about carbon bike components. From frames to wheels, handlebars to seatposts, every part we offer embodies innovation and quality. To enhance your experience, we're excited to introduce the All Carbon Solutions program, a comprehensive approach to upgrading your bike with our top-of-the-line carbon parts.

Benefits of All Carbon Solutions

1. 100% Compatibility Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all carbon components you purchase from ICAN are designed to work seamlessly together, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance for your bike.

2. Exclusive Discounts on Multiple Purchases

The more you buy, the more you save! Our program offers attractive discounts when you purchase multiple carbon bike parts, making it easier to fully equip your bike with the best without breaking the bank.

3. Combined Shipping, Bigger Savings

We understand the value of your hard-earned money. That's why our combined shipping option reduces your costs significantly when you order multiple items.

4  Expert Consultation for Customization

Our team of carbon bike experts is available to provide personalized recommendations based on your riding style and preferences, ensuring that each component enhances your cycling experience.

5  One-Stop Carbon Shop

With ICAN's All Carbon Solutions, save valuable time and effort. Our comprehensive range of carbon bike parts means you no longer need to spend hours researching and making decisions across different suppliers. Find everything you need in one place, ensuring that your bike is equipped with the best, all compatible and top-quality carbon components. This one-stop-shop approach simplifies your upgrade process, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

What Products Are Included in the All Carbon Solutions Program?

The All Carbon Solutions program encompasses a comprehensive range of cycling components, ensuring that every aspect of your bike can be upgraded to the highest standards. Included in this program are:

Carbon Bike Frame: The core of your bike, offering both strength and lightweight performance.

Carbon Wheels: Designed for speed and durability, perfect for any terrain.

Carbon Handlebar: For optimal control and reduced vibration.

Carbon Seatpost: Combining comfort and lightweight efficiency.

Carbon Saddle: Ergonomic designs for long rides.

Carbon Stem: The perfect balance of strength and lightweight performance.

Carbon Bottle Cage: Secure and stylish hydration solutions.

Additionally, we offer other non-carbon bike parts. For specific requests or more information about our product range, feel free to contact us. This inclusive approach ensures that you have access to a complete selection of high-quality components for every need and preference.

How to Get Started with All Carbon Solutions

1. Select Your Carbon Components

Browse our extensive selection of carbon bike parts on our website. Once you've picked your desired items, you can easily reach out to us for further assistance. Contact us on Whatsapp +86 181 2981 4220 or email us at peggy@icanwheels.com for more detailed information.

2. Personalized Consultation:

After you contact us with your needs, our team at ICAN will provide you with the best solutions tailored to your selections. We will guide you through the options and offer cost-effective recommendations to ensure you get the most value.

3. Customization and Confirmation

Once we've discussed your needs and preferences, our team will help you finalize the customization of your carbon components. We'll ensure that every part meets your specific requirements for both performance and aesthetics.

4. Efficient Order Processing and Shipping 

After confirming your selections and customizations, we'll process your order with the utmost efficiency. Our combined shipping approach not only saves you money but also ensures that all your high-quality carbon components are delivered promptly and safely.

Join the Revolution

Embrace the full potential of carbon with ICAN's All Carbon Solutions. Whether you're a competitive racer or an enthusiastic cyclist, our program is tailored to meet your needs. Upgrade your ride today and experience the difference quality carbon makes.


Q1: How does the discount system work for multiple purchases?

A1: Discounts are applied when you purchase multiple carbon bike parts under the program. The more items you buy, the greater the savings.

Q2: What if I need help choosing the right components?

A2: Our expert team is available for personalized consultations. We'll assist you in selecting the perfect components based on your riding style and preferences.

Q3: Are non-carbon parts available through this program?

A3: While our focus is on carbon components, we also offer a selection of non-carbon bike parts. such as rear shock and mtb fork for our mtb frames. Please contact us for more details on these products.

Q4: Is assembly or installation support available?

A4: Yes, we offer pre-installation services for customers who require it. Additionally, we have a range of instructional videos available for various installations, providing clear, step-by-step guidance to support you through the process of assembling and installing your carbon bike components.

Q5: What are the shipping options and costs for multiple items?

A5: We offer combined shipping for multiple items, significantly reducing your costs. The total shipping cost will be calculated based on your order's size and destination.

Q6: How long does it take to process and ship an order?

A6: We aim to process and ship orders as efficiently as possible. The exact time frame depends on the specifics of your order and shipping location.

Q7: Can the discounts be combined with other offers?

A7: No, volume discounts through this program do not stack with other coupon codes. But you're welcome to use other promotions on parts not eligible for All Carbon Solutions.