AERO Disc VS. Alpha Pro Disc Wheels

This article aims to highlight the contrasting features of two series wheelsets, the Alpha Pro Disc and the AERO Disc. We can gain insight into their advantages and disadvantages by examining their unique characteristics. Let's delve into their distinctive qualities and explore the pros and cons of each option.

AERO Disc Series:

The AERO Disc series is designed for performance-oriented riders seeking aerodynamics, stiffness, and reduced weight. Let's examine its distinctive features and associated pros and cons:

 aero 40 carbon wheels


Weight: Approximately 1324~1487g.

Spoke: Sapim CX-Ray Spokes, excellent aerodynamics with lightweight and high strength.

Nipple: Sapim Secure Lock nipples, offer the best performance in maintaining spoke tension.

Hub: ICAN D01 Hubs.

Inner Width: 18.35mm-21.5mm.

Rim depth: 35mm 38mm40mm50mm, 52mm, 55mm.


Aerodynamics: The AERO Disc wheels prioritize aerodynamic design, reducing drag and enhancing overall performance.

Lightweight: These wheels offer reduced weight, contributing to improved acceleration and climbing abilities. 

Durability: The Sapim CX-Ray spokes are lighter and more durable to ensure a smooth ride.


Price: The AERO Disc wheels are more expensive than the Alpha Pro Disc series.

Alpha Pro Disc Series:

The Alpha Pro Disc series offers affordability and high performance. Here are the key features and associated pros and cons:



Weight: Approximately 1499~1651g.

Spoke: Pillar SA1423 Spokes.

Nipple: Alloy; Color: Black.

Hub: ICAN D21 Hub.

Inner Width: 18.35mm-21.5mm.

Rim depth: 35mm40mm50mm55mm.


Affordable: The Alpha Pro Disc wheelset provides excellent value for money, particularly compared to other carbon wheels in the market under $600.

Performance: With a 6-pawl freehub and 72 engagements, these wheels offer quick and efficient acceleration.


Weight: A little heavier than AERO Disc series.

Limited Compatibility: The Alpha Pro Disc supports center lock type only, which limits compatibility with certain brake systems.

The Same Point:

They have the same 2-year warranty. 


The Alpha Pro Disc and AERO Disc wheelsets possess distinct qualities catering to different riders' preferences. The Alpha Pro Disc series offers affordability and good performance, making it suitable for riders on a budget. In contrast, the AERO Disc series emphasizes aerodynamics, reduced weight, and enhanced performance. It is ideal for performance-oriented riders willing to invest in a higher-end wheelset. Consider your budget, riding style, and specific requirements to determine which option suits you best.