Tubeless tires are the future of cycling, and that is why our rims come tubeless ready, this means you can get your new wheels with or without tubes. There are many reasons why you should favor tubeless over a tire and tube setup. You can bring comfort to your ride by lowering tire pressure. You will no longer need to worry about pinch flats without tubes. You can also fill your tire with tubeless sealant so if you do get a puncture your tires will self-seal

Lowering pressure does not only bring you more comfort, but it also brings you more grip. We all want our tires to hold on to the road when we tear it around corners. Without the tube you will also find that rolling resistance is lowered, there is no friction from the tube. Less rolling resistance means more speed.

You might now be wondering why you ever bothered with tubes? Well, one of the reasons is that fitting tubeless can sometimes be a pain. We have then worked on our rim’s profile to make going tubeless as painless as possible. You should find your tire will be easily guided into the rim bed to create a secure and snug fit and in the majority of cases you will only need a track pump to achieve this.


Our rims are constructed using Toray T700 carbon fiber for our Fast and Light series and using T700 and T800 for our Aero series.  We use Toray for our carbon fiber rim construction as we have found it to be the best material for building wheel rims using.

It allows our engineers to design a light, strong, and stiff wheelset. All the qualities you would expect in a high-end wheelset, except we do it at a great price. For 2019 our Aero range can save you almost 100g per wheelset over our Fast and Light series.

Both our Aero and FL series have had their rim profile widened to help facilitate running tubeless. By being wider you can also run wider tires, 25mm tires are shown to be faster than 23mm tires even when run at much lower pressures. They also work well to help guide the wind around our aerodynamically shaped rims.

Our rims are designed to feature a wide modern blunt shape. The blunt shape helps to guide air around your bike and helps to smooth turbulent air. It is like fitting a small rocket booster to your bikes. Our shape just slices the wind regardless of you rising our 35mm deep rim or our 86mm deep rim.

Our FL series rims are some of the most heat tolerant rims available on the market, capable of coping with temperatures of up to 240°. We then upped that with our new for 2019 Aero range. Our Aero range can withstand up to 300°.


We use both standard spoking and 2:1 spoking on our wheels. 2:1 spoking is specific to our rear wheels. These wheels come with 2 spokes on the drive side for every 1 on the non-drive side, allowing us to build you a super stiff wheelset.

By having the extra spokes on the drive side, we save weight, but more importantly, it means your power does not cause any deflection in the wheel. Your power just goes into pushing the wheel around.

On the drive side, we have also enlarged the hub flange. The larger flange means that we can use shorter spokes. The shorter the spoke, the less it can flex. It also means that your wheel is now more fatigue resistant. We all want wheels that will last longer and stay in true longer.

Like our Fast and Light and Aero wheels, our 2:1 wheels all use Sapim CX-Ray spokes. We have searched the planet for spokes as good as the Sapim CX-Ray, but with over 100 years of experience these spokes cannot be beaten. They lead the world for lightweight but truly stiff spokes.


We use four different hubsets on our wheelsets. Our Fast and Light wheels come with sealed bearing Novatec hubs. We use Novatec as they are the world’s leader in affordable, high-quality hubs. With sealed bearings throughout and being easy to service this is the go-to hub for many people.

On our 2:1 wheels we use our own 360G hubs. We have worked hard to design a functional high flange rear hub to make sure that our 2:1 wheels are stiff and light. It works by increasing your wheels dishing and allowing the spokes to be shorter and stiffer.

On our Aero wheelset, we took our R01 hubset and had our engineers work on a new hubset to surpass their high quality and lightweight features. We have created a lighter sealed bearing hubset, that has even allowed us to reduce spoke counts on the front wheels from 20 down to 18.

DT Swiss are renowned around the world for their high-quality hubsets. There are very few companies out there that can compete with DT Swiss for quality. We offer their 350S and 240S hub with our Fast and Light rims.

Regardless of picking the 240S or the 350S, you can be sure you will be getting the DT Swiss qualities that you desire. Be that their sealed bearing design that requires no tools to service or the instantaneous Star Ratchet drive system. You will find it easy to see why these hubs are to be found to be on many pro’s bikes.

Disc Brake

Disc brakes like tubeless are taking over the bike industry. Tubeless and disc brakes work well together, and that is why we offer the ability to run discs with our wheelsets. With tubeless tires and wider rims providing extra grip you will be able to unlock the true potential of your disc brakes with our wheelsets.

UCI Approved

We stand behind our wheelsets, so our wheels are all UCI certified. Our wheels can then be raced on in the very pinnacle of bike racing. If you ever get a call up to ride Le Tour de France, our UCI approved wheels will be able to adorn your bike.